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Hi, I'm Carla Rojas, founder of Artifier. 

Back in 2018, after working at OCAD University, I gave myself the project to visit an art show a week and document it on my blog. This blog.

The idea was simple: get more familiar with the city, the local art scene and maybe make a new friend or two.

A few weeks into the project, I realized there was not a centralized place where I could easily find information about the current and upcoming art shows and events in Toronto, so I decided to create it! You can listen to the full story in this episode of Into This Podcast

In the summer of 2019, Artifier briefly launched as an event directory and an Instagram account

While the event calendar shut down in 2020 after all events were cancelled because of you know what, Artifier then partnered up with Partial and Culture Fancier to produce two seasons of "Remote Art Talks", a short video-podcast series featuring artists from across Canada and their experiences navigating the first lockdown.

This series was featured by CBC Arts as one of the best art talks across Canada!

After a pandemic-long hiatus and a lot of soul-searching, Artifier is back!

This time around, I felt the most honest thing I could do was to reconnect with why it all started, which is truly simple: I want to follow my curiosity and share with you the art and artists I discover along the way in a way that feels as if we were having a casual conversation over coffee or some tea. 

So, here we are: back to the original blog! I've even kept some of the posts from years ago as I think it is important to see how ideas constantly evolve. 

I believe in the power of community, so it was important for me to figure out a sustainable way to keep the event calendar active as well as a space for open calls and other art-related opportunities. So, at the moment, I'm using Instagram to share the events and open calls I find interesting and relevant, pinning them later as highlights. 

In addition to managing Artifier, I'm a social media strategist for films.
You can learn more about my work here



Artifier is a passion project and, as such, I am always happy to partner up with brands and projects that align with this blog's goals.

If you have an idea for a collaboration, feel free to reach out at: carla [at] artifier [dot] net 

Our Goals

- Help make art more accessible
- Explore the intersection of art, culture and lifestyle
  (i.e. art and film, music, food, travel, etc)
- Amplify the work created by emerging artists from all backgrounds
- Become a hub for the creative community
- Share resources to empower creatives
- Explore unconventional ways to see, experience and create art
- Learn with curiosity
- Reach new audiences
- Ignite conversations

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