Curating an art collection for Partial

December 01, 2022

Nicole Krstin, Meditation Meds

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Partial to curate a guest collection for their site! 

I'm not gonna lie: after the initial excitement, this felt a bit daunting, too! Mostly because I wanted to create a collection that would tell a story and was more than just a group of works I liked. And so, after browsing through their impressive catalogue, I bookmarked some pieces and only then I started to notice a pattern: all of the works I had selected made me feel a particular sense of nostalgia. 

You know that feeling you have when you can't remember where you've seen something before? Was it only a dream? Did you actually see it somewhere?

Based on that feeling, the name of my collection is: Dreams are Memories and it features works by fifteen emerging Canadian artists: Pandora Owl / Evelyn Trista / Nicole Kristin / Tal Paz-Fridman / Caroline Ji / Sonya Katashonova / Devon Pryce / Helen Tran / Laura Key Keeling / Catherine Mills / Erin McGean / Lilian Sim / Diane Fine / Corynn Kokolakis / Esther Kim.

About the collection:

"I find it very interesting to think of why we dream what we dream. Why our minds decide to capture a specific moment in time: An object, a person, a place. Why sometimes the scenes are clear and why sometimes it's all out of whack? For this collection I chose works that evoked a feeling of nostalgia. Not about a memory of something lived, but for the memory of something I could have seen in my dreams." -Carla Rojas

"Dreams are Memories" is now live on Partial.

Thanks to Partial for letting me be part of this project!

Confluence by Striped Canary. An immersive installation at The Bentway

October 23, 2022 The Bentway, 250 Fort York Blvd

Photo: Courtesy of The Bentway

Striped Canary is the collaborative project of artists Stephen B. Nguyen and Wade Kavanaugh. Together, they are known for creating large immersive installations using everyday materials such as paper and wood and creating imaginative landscapes that investigate our memories and perceptions.

A private moment with a private collection

October 17, 2022 Cowley Abbott

Imagine one day you walk into a friend’s house and, no big deal, you are surrounded by works of some eminent Canadian artists like Tom Thomson, Paul Kane, Lawren Harris or Emily Carr. Works that you may have seen at the Art Gallery of Ontario, National Gallery of Canada, Vancouver Art Gallery and Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Well, this impressive collection exists and is, in fact, one of Canada’s most-leaned private collections that will now be part of three upcoming auctions at auction house Cowley Abbott.

Carefully curated and acquired over the course of 60 years, some of these pieces could change the current auction record, like a masterpiece by Emily Carr or an exceptionally rare Paul Kane (which would be the first canvas by the painter to debut at auction in almost 20 years!).

A free exhibition of the works will be open to the public from October 28 and until November 30 at Cowley Abbott (326 Dundas St W) before their auction debut on December 1st

The Definitive Canadian Private Collection
October 28 - November 30

Cowley Abbott Gallery
326 Dundas St W

Favourite artworks:

Interesting fact:
Emily Carr currently holds the auction record for the highest amount paid for a work by a Canadian female artist, set at $3.39 Million in 2013.

For more info visit:

Where to buy art in Toronto

August 21, 2022 Toronto, ON, Canada

Art by Marissa Schiesser via

More often than you can imagine, I've been asked this question:

Where can I buy art in Toronto? -and across Canada

While the answer has changed a bit over the past couple of years (say before and after 2020), I figured I could put together a list of some of the places I often recommend in case you are looking for original art by local artists but you're not sure of where to start looking. 

*While many of these sites are based in Toronto, some offer shipping across Canada. 

Remote Art Talks: Season 1 and 2

April 15, 2020 Toronto, ON, Canada

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world shut down for the first time, we asked some artists in our community about their practice and the impact of living in isolation. 

Without planning it, this series of 13 conversations became a sort of a time capsule of that time. This series was produced by Artifier in partnership with Partial and was highlighted as one of the best art talks in Canada by CBC Arts. 

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