A couple of weeks ago I went to my first CREATIVE MORNINGS event. For those who are not familiar with this, each month creatives around the world get together to receive inspiration and useful information about different topics such as FREEDOM, BEING A REBEL, FAILURE and this month it was time to talk about COLOR

Stylist + Designer TIFFANY PRATT was the guest speaker in Toronto and let me tell you, she is a really cool person with a true passion for color (and glitter!) so it made complete sense she was invited to participate. 

Anyway, I LOVED her presentation because it resonated with every part of my sometimes-confused-being. She was talking about what color means in her life, how she transforms things and spaces people would usually call ugly into something beautiful and how she made her way to become who she is now. 

Here are my highlights from the talk 
(and you can watch the whole talk as well if you want).

1. You must do ALL things you like. 
This truly resonated with me cause when I was a kid I remember I would panic when people asked what I wanted to be when I grow up. I was like what: you can only choose one? and completely freaked out, so since I was a kid I decided to be ALL I wanted. The more the better, and pursue all of my interests. This of course led to an unexpected situation but I will tell you more about this later since Tiffany also mentioned it in her talk (I swear I felt super happy to be there!).

2. Nothing is ever finished, you don't ever really make it. 
Because you are always evolving, and changing and if you don't like something or doesn't feel authentic to you, you can just change or even start from scratch... and it's ok.

3. Becoming synonymous with something. 
Tiffanny Pratt has become a synonymous with color (and glitter!, as she said), but what are you synonymous with? Going back to the first point. A couple of years ago I struggled -to say the least- cause I could not find my word. What was I synonymous with? What was that thing you would answer immediately if people asked you what was I good for, what was my thing?
Then one day it hit me: I was doing ALL I wanted to do. I was doing what I said I would do when I was a kid. And then I stopped feeling bad about it and let things flow and keep on doing all I felt authentic. In case you were wondering: I found out I love marketing, that's why I'm studying event marketing (for the arts and entertainment!). It makes my heart and soul really happy to think in creative ways to make people part of an experience at an event, to my own surprise I also discovered -and accepted- I love this businessy side of me haha, plus I get to meet really cool people and most importantly, I feel the passion I was looking for. Of course I also keep on working on my artsy side projects, I could not do it any other way. So, moral of the story: do what you love and don't worry about the title. It will come later. :)

4. Screw businessy-businessy BUT be consistent and reliable.
She said it is important to be creative but you need to be consistent and reliable as well, and I agree. I have so many friends talking about all their creative plans but they drop them off a couple of months later (sometimes I even do that, I must say), however when you do insist you make things happen even if everyone else says it's impossible (oh do I know about that too!). And about the businessy part... I feel so grateful I can do my job dressed in whatever way I want!... she mentions she once tried to be the girl wearing all black dressy suits but she just couldn't cause it did not feel authentic to her. I think in order to succeed you need to feel comfortable in your own skin (and clothes). It needs to feel true to yourself. Live your truth.

5. It's all shit and luxury mixed together. 
Don't look at me like that... she said it! Everything is a juxtaposition of things. That is life: the crap and the luxury, always colliding. Especially I loved the concept when applied to fashion, when people think everything needs to be perfect and polished here she comes to say: screw that! Not that we didn't know about this before but she said it in such a powerful way that I really think can apply to many other things.

6. Don't overthink anything.
If you visit TIFFANY PRATT'S WEBSITE there is a little mini interview where she says she does not plan what she is going to wear... she likes to keep things spontaneous. And I really like the idea so much that I'm thinking about having this statement printed cause I am an over-thinker and sometimes it gets so emotionally draining and even physically exhausting that I just think it's not worth it. Let's create and experiment, cause if you don't like the result, you can always change. 


* Creative Mornings is a project created by designer/blogger Tina Roth Eisenberg (a.k.a. SWISSMISS). It started as a desire to gather creatives in New York City and now they are present in different cities around the world. You can check if there is something close to where you live HERE.

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