Remote Art Talks: Season 1 and 2

April 15, 2020 Toronto, ON, Canada

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world shut down for the first time, we asked some artists in our community about their practice and the impact of living in isolation. 

Without planning it, this series of 13 conversations became a sort of a time capsule of that time. This series was produced by Artifier in partnership with Partial and was highlighted as one of the best art talks in Canada by CBC Arts. 

Season 1

Interviews by
Artifier (Carla Rojas)
Partial (Tammy Yiu Coyne)

Episode 1: Shaheer Zazai - Using Word Docs and Painting as ways to explore cultural identity

E2 Maya Skarzenski - Blurring the lines between fine-art and craft, comfort and discomfort

E3 Jordan Baraniecki - Metaphysics, Philosophy and the way consciousness and reality intertwine

E4 Alison Postma - Creating contemporary still-lives using mundane and day-to-day materials

E5 Hugo Laliberté - Using technology to create immersive, interactive installations w/sound & light

E6: Lauren Pirie

E7: Raoul Olou

E8 Alex McLeod: Exploring the relationships between nature & tech, fashion & art, physical & virtual

E9 Johanna Reynolds: Abstracted landscapes, supporting local artists & creating while in confinement

E10 Danijela Gorley - Magic, mystery and femenine energy as creative forces

E11 Véronique Buist -Embroidery on paper & using reclaimed fabrics + cotton threads as raw materials

E12 Amada Estabillo - Recreating memories through abstract elements & the role of an educator

E13 Cat Lamora - Using paper as a medium to recreate memories and reflect on diaspora consciousness

Season 2

Interviews by
Artifier (Carla Rojas)
Partial (Tammy Yiu Coyne)
Glodeane Brown (Culture Fancier)

Ibrahim Abusitta: Art & social justice in the Toronto art scene

Morris Wazney: New technologies in Sculpture and thoughts about Public Art in Toronto

Janice Reid: The importance of creating spaces for Black-Caribbean emerging artists

Jose Cifuentes: Being an immigrant artist and using instability as inspiration

Genevieve Blais: Captivating photography with a touch of sinister

Susan Blight: Cultural identity and public art. Indigenous art in a contemporary landscape

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