June 27, 2023

Images: ESA / NASA via space-invaders

Can you imagine this?!

The first work of art to be shown in space is the mosaic of a space invader, created by French urban artist Invader, and it's been orbiting around the Earth since 2015. 

It only seems fitting!

Images: ESA / NASA via space-invaders

The story goes something like this: 

Since 1998, Invaders has developed a large scale project using tiles and cement to create pixel-like creatures, displaying them directly on the walls across multiple cities around the world. 

Over a decade later, in 2012, Invaders managed to take their first mosaic to the stratosphere by using a helium balloon equipped with a camera.

Images: via space-invaders

This caught the attention of members of the European Space Agency, who reached out to the artist with the wild idea to work on a plan to safely take Invaders to the International Space Station. 

Finally, in July 2014 the green light is given and Space2 mosaic is authorized to take off on the cargo spacecraft launched by the Ariane 5 rocket and on March 12th 2015, it is installed on the Columbus module and it becomes the first work of art exhibited in space. 

Images: ESA / NASA via space-invaders

Photo via Invaders

According to Invaders, the Space2 mosaic goes around the Earth 16 times each day!

If you're curious, the project can be tracked online here and, just for fun, here's a photo from astronaut Thomas Pesquet next to this work.


To learn more about Invaders:

Instagram: @invaderwashere

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