December 01, 2022

Nicole Krstin, Meditation Meds

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Partial to curate a guest collection for their site! 

I'm not gonna lie: after the initial excitement, this felt a bit daunting, too! Mostly because I wanted to create a collection that would tell a story and was more than just a group of works I liked. And so, after browsing through their impressive catalogue, I bookmarked some pieces and only then I started to notice a pattern: all of the works I had selected made me feel a particular sense of nostalgia. 

You know that feeling you have when you can't remember where you've seen something before? Was it only a dream? Did you actually see it somewhere?

Based on that feeling, the name of my collection is: Dreams are Memories and it features works by fifteen emerging Canadian artists: Pandora Owl / Evelyn Trista / Nicole Kristin / Tal Paz-Fridman / Caroline Ji / Sonya Katashonova / Devon Pryce / Helen Tran / Laura Key Keeling / Catherine Mills / Erin McGean / Lilian Sim / Diane Fine / Corynn Kokolakis / Esther Kim.

About the collection:

"I find it very interesting to think of why we dream what we dream. Why our minds decide to capture a specific moment in time: An object, a person, a place. Why sometimes the scenes are clear and why sometimes it's all out of whack? For this collection I chose works that evoked a feeling of nostalgia. Not about a memory of something lived, but for the memory of something I could have seen in my dreams." -Carla Rojas

"Dreams are Memories" is now live on Partial.

Thanks to Partial for letting me be part of this project!

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