Confluence by Striped Canary. An immersive installation at The Bentway

October 23, 2022 The Bentway, 250 Fort York Blvd

Photo: Courtesy of The Bentway

Striped Canary is the collaborative project of artists Stephen B. Nguyen and Wade Kavanaugh. Together, they are known for creating large immersive installations using everyday materials such as paper and wood and creating imaginative landscapes that investigate our memories and perceptions.

'White Stag' at @massmoca in 2010. -via Striped Canary's Instagram 

In the spring of 2022, The Bentway invited the duo to develop a project that would be installed in September and open to the public in the Fall. The result is “Confluence”, an immersive installation under The Bentway that utilizes picnic tables, a symbol of a shared public experience, to form a dynamic sculpture that evokes Toronto’s buried, lost rivers. 

Something worth highlighting is that, once the installation runs its course, the wood will be used by a local architecture firm in upcoming projects. 

Confluence by Striped Canary
On view at The Bentway
until October 30th

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