an art show a week | week 6: Sarah Cale, Potpourri

February 20, 2018

Week 6: Clint Roenisch Gallery
Where: Toronto
Admission: Free
Came to see: Sarah Cale, Potpurri
Favourite Artwork: My Vertigo

Take a closer look at these flowers and you'll soon notice instead of brushstrokes, artist Sarah Cale has carefully placed pieces of commercial papers to create this stunning piece.


About the Exhibition: 
“The work in this exhibition was made over a one-year period of upheaval in five different studios. Paintings are often made of recycled packaging, reused dried paint flecks chipped from dead surfaces and oil paint built up in an oozing history. 

They are potpourri, sitting in a pretty dish as an illusion of what was. Masking the scent of dampness. They were amidst mildew and spiders and dust. Smells, both real and deceptive, fake perfumes, slipping in and out of worlds. Organic saccharine, visual rot, a hallucination. These paintings self-consciously go down a wormhole of a still life, a jumping off point into a wide gulf. Where chunks of ceramics, lace and petals are reformed in strange and musty molds.“

Sarah CalePotpourri
11 January - 25 February 
Clint Roenish Gallery 

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