an art show a week | week 7: Jim Goldberg: Rich and Poor

March 01, 2018

Week 7: Main Gallery, Ryerson Image Centre
Where: Toronto
Admission: Free
Came to see: Jim Goldberg, Rich and Poor
Favourite Photo: To my own surprise, I don't have a favourite piece this time. I guess the magic happens when you see one photo next to the other. They're very powerful on their own, but they're so much more when they're together! Choosing just one feels like taking something out of context. 

I didn't want to post a lot of pictures this time because these photographs are so intimate it feels strange to share them out of the gallery. I'm not trying to be too exquisite but trust me, each photo has such a strong voice,  it's easy to hear them talking to each other. Sometimes even yelling at each other.

It's amazing the way Jim takes these portraits and more than capturing a person, he captures a whole story, the struggles and desires of his subjects. It's also a bit crazy to think how current the images feel although they were taken more than thirty years ago... I can't stop thinking about how aspirational the rich people sound (!) and how these ideas are so accepted and encouraged these days.  -ok, ok, I might be getting a bit carried away!

This was my first time at the Ryerson Image Centre and I was so greatly surprised!... It's a stunning building from the outside and there are also various areas to visit, so make sure you have a bit more than an hour to really enjoy without rushing!


About the exhibition:

From 1977 to 1985, photographer Jim Goldberg worked with both impoverished and affluent residents of California’s San Francisco Bay area to realize the series Rich and Poor. His powerful portraits, inscribed with revealing self-observations by the people he photographed, captured the social and economic divide increasingly prevalent in the United States. 

Jim Goldberg: Rich and Poor
Ryerson Image Centre
Jan 24 - April 8

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