October 17, 2022 Cowley Abbott

Imagine one day you walk into a friend’s house and, no big deal, you are surrounded by works of some eminent Canadian artists like Tom Thomson, Paul Kane, Lawren Harris or Emily Carr. Works that you may have seen at the Art Gallery of Ontario, National Gallery of Canada, Vancouver Art Gallery and Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Well, this impressive collection exists and is, in fact, one of Canada’s most-leaned private collections that will now be part of three upcoming auctions at auction house Cowley Abbott.

Carefully curated and acquired over the course of 60 years, some of these pieces could change the current auction record, like a masterpiece by Emily Carr or an exceptionally rare Paul Kane (which would be the first canvas by the painter to debut at auction in almost 20 years!).

A free exhibition of the works will be open to the public from October 28 and until November 30 at Cowley Abbott (326 Dundas St W) before their auction debut on December 1st

The Definitive Canadian Private Collection
October 28 - November 30

Cowley Abbott Gallery
326 Dundas St W

Favourite artworks:

Interesting fact:
Emily Carr currently holds the auction record for the highest amount paid for a work by a Canadian female artist, set at $3.39 Million in 2013.

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